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The Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley

Helping to make a difference in our community

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Name and Charter Number of Club:
FORTITUDE VALLEY – Charter No 5122

Charter Date & R.I. Signature:
7th October, 1939 R.I. President Walter D. Head

Charter President of Club:
Charles L. Sadgrove

Number of Charter Members:

District Governor:
District Governor R. A. Kerr

Governor’s Special Representative:
D.G. Representative R. C. Hancock

Sponsor Club:
Rotary Club of Brisbane – President C. R. Christmas

District Conference Venue in Charter Year:
Maryborough Inter-city Conference 1940

Alteration of District Boundaries:
1939/40 (560 1948/49 (31) 1954/55 (35) 1957/58 (260) 1961/62 (260) 1970/71 (260) 1979/80 (960)

Club Territory ceded, name of new Club and year chartered:
Sandgate 1950, Redcliffe 1951, Nundah 1953, Hamilton 1956, Newstead 1966, New Farm 1970

Outstanding Rotary Club Projects:
Queensland Spastics Centre; Rotary Ship (Migrants)
Brisbane Institute of Social Service (Metropolitan Senior Citizens Centre)
Shaftesbury Citizenship Campus
Under 1 Roof Community Partners Project (2010)
Fundraising for Flood victims, over $180,000 (2011)

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Doing Good.. Providing clean water to communities around the world
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